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Usman Latif

Usman Latif

Regional Coordinator, Pakistan & Afghanistan

Bio: Usman is a Marcom Technologist and he hacks growth for businesses with a mix of marketing, communication, and user experience (UX) strategies. By profession, he is a Digital Marketing consultant. He provides consulting for Digital Marketing to his client in Pakistan and internationally. He’s also a certified trainer and speaker. He runs his digital media agency, Marcom Works and an NGO, Open Humanitarians. Due to his passion for helping others, Usman has launched DigitalAcademy.pk, where he aims to teach the world business and leadership skills for the digital age.

Usman is also a libertarian at heart, which he realized a few years ago. Liberty is his his new found love and he is trying to converge his digital media marketing skills with the libertarian principles to not only educate, train and mentor new leaders, but also play his role in uplifting the society at large. He believes that Liberty is everyone’s right and a lot of work needs to be done to ensure that the people understand the value of liberty and that they become a catalyst for the change in the communities they live in.

Usman is a strong believer in humanity and believes that humanitarian values should be respected at any cost. He encourages everyone to open up for the greater good, resolve the conflicts and pave the way for future generations with dialogue, peace and harmony. He believes that this can only be achieved if we start respecting the individuality and freedom.

Usman has been with SFL for over 2 years now. He keeps on learning more about liberty, freedom, human rights, economics and other issues related to the businesses and entrepreneurship. SFL has been a great platform where for Usman where he engages manages a team of LCs in his regions and participates in the activities for the promotion of peace, harmony and liberty.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: Frédéric Bastiat, Mustafa Akyol, Ali Salman