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Shayala Rai

Shayala Rai

Communications Coordinator

Bio: A 4th year Law student, Shayala is still trying to figure out the reins in her hands. Her fields of interests range from education, child rights and criminal psychology to the rights of the conscious, artificial intelligence and philosophies surrounding existentialism. Her reserved nature in addition to her keen and observant eye (or so she says), causes her to think (with fault) that she’s quite the Sherlock Holmes. In her leisure time, she loves to read, paint or sketch, watch an insane amount of video essays and self analyze. Her ideas of liberty are carved out through her love for the independence of self, thought, and ideals. To her, liberty is the canvas of limitless imagination and thus, she tries to keep an open mind on all forms of art.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: John Locke, Robert Nozick

On liberty and SFL: SFL provided me the words I needed to describe what I already thought and helped me build depth on my somewhat naive thoughts of freedom. It provided a perspective similar to mine, yet much refined and more practical.