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Naveen Kumar LR

Naveen Kumar LR

Regional Coordinator - Sri Lanka

Bio: Naveen Kumar LR is a 3rd-year law student at the National University of Advanced Legal Studies in Kochi, India. Being keenly passionate in most things he does (ahem!), he’s a connoisseur of linguistics and can fluently speak up to 6 languages.

Apart from spending time in class staring at the stock market, the University has developed in him a very keen sense of respect towards the rule of law and upliftment of the society through economic reforms.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: Friedrich August von Hayek, Murray Rothbard.

On liberty and SFL: His introduction to SFL caused a certain intellectual renaissance which was overwhelming and satisfying. The core objectives of SFL are something very close to his heart and he hopes to see it ingrained in the society soon.