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Mohammad Anas Khan

Mohammad Anas Khan

Academic Programs Coordinator

Bio: Anas is a law student from Amity Law School, Mumbai and is currently in the final year pursuing B.A.,LL.B ( Hons.).

Anas believes that the philosophy of law and jurisprudence is still devoid of liberty. He works with a conviction to change this narrative. He embraced liberty as a principle in life after ‘donning the Communist cap for as long as Che Guevera himself wouldn’t.’ He can rightly be called a learner who believes that expertise in any field is merely a self-imposed stagnancy. He has a career interest in Academia.

For Anas, “Liberty has never been a question of definition. To define something such as liberty would mean to confine it to a grossly limited understanding of black and white. He believes that liberty can only be described as the practice of individual freedom without violating the established liberty of another”.

Apart from reading and learning about Liberty, Orientalism, Theology, International law and Allied Studies, he is known to be a clumsy creature at times. He loves reading literature in Urdu, Persian and English alike and, believes that tea and laal maas are his intoxicants.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: Frédéric Bastiat, Mustafa Akyol, Adam Bates

On liberty and SFL: SFL has been my trigger for transitioning every day to a better self. The opportunities, the growth and the friendships that I have come across through SFL continue to shape the person I am. Because of SFL, I have decided to pursue a career path that helps the cause of liberty.