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Karan Pawaria

Karan Pawaria

Regional Coordinator, North India

Bio: Karan recently graduated from University of Delhi with a major in Economics and a minor in Commerce and enjoyed a rigorous university-level debating career, particularly in the British parliamentary format for many years.

Karan made full use of his college life by reading extensively on a wide range of subjects and that is when he realized his comprehensive passion for libertarianism.

He is a deontologist who subscribes to the Austrian school of economics and has frequent flirtations with Minarchism as well.

He is a football fanatic, an enthusiastic traveler, a playlists overlord and an extrovert who thoroughly enjoys conversations ranging from Fermi paradox to his contempt for the concept of the nation-state.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: David Friedman, Ayn Rand, Murray Rothbard, John Mackey, Elinor Ostrom, Jeffrey Tucker.

On liberty and SFL: Karan credits SFL for facilitating a sense of belongingness to a brilliant community and for empowering students through a meticulous leadership transition setup to make sure that sound grounding does have a positive impact on society.