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Israr Hasan

Israr Hasan

Regional Coordinator, Bangladesh

Bio: Israr Hasan is someone who is constantly willing to learn and challenge the views of others, including himself. For him, nothing is sacred and everything should be debated and analysed firmly. However, everything needs to be done with civility and panache. Israr dabbles with wordplay in his free time making it his favourite part-time job. Books, quizzes and overall thirst for knowledge is what composes this carbon-based compound. He has been a member of Students for Liberty since 2018 coming across it in 2017 when volunteering for a colloquium in his university. Currently studying Economics and Anthropology in his last year, Israr aims to keep charging the case for liberty forward with greater gusto and passion. For him, freedom is not one can do but what one ought to do.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: Laozi, Frederick Hayek

On liberty and SFL: “SFL is a brilliant platform which strives on the freedom of ideas, not dogma and helps to understand the various conditions of the world with a more introspective eye and reflective mind.”