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Harshit Singh Bhatia

Harshit Singh Bhatia

Digital Activism Coordinator

Bio: Harshit is a final year law student and is always enthusiastic in exploring new ideas and very energetic . He always had his heart in liberty and SFL gave him a platform to channelize his ideology. He believes one should work towards making oneself better each day and there’s always a learning in each failure. He aims towards spreading happiness and working for humanity. He is fond of eating, cooking, and cracking random jokes. He believes that no matter what happens there’s always a silver lining and one should never lose that beautiful smile.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: Milton Friedman

On liberty and SFL: Liberty is a way of life which everyone should learn about and thus SFL becomes a platform for people around the world to connect and spread the ideology making world a liberal place. SFL has brought a change in me and I have certainly become more liberal and educated on liberty.