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Bidhya Rimal

Bidhya Rimal

Regional Coordinator (Nepal & Bhutan)

Bio: Bidhya Rimal completed her Bachelors in Computer Science and Information technology from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. She got in touch with the ideas of Liberty through programs conducted by SFL in Nepal. Thereafter she joined SFL Local Coordinator program.

As a libertarian with Computer Science background, her peak interest lies in learning about ways to conduct decentralized innovation through competitive markets. That is to say, technology should reach every nook and cranny in order to better the lives of people. She believes that the effective use of data and computational methods are critical in making adaptive and personalized policies that improve the lives of everyone.

She is also interested in art, music, psychology, social work and travelling.

Favourite Libertarian Figures: Alan Watts, Ayn Rand

On liberty and SFL: SFL has made such a huge impact on me than any other organizations I have been a part of. It has helped me grow and better understand the importance of liberty in our lives.