Students For Liberty is the largest pro-liberty student organization in the world.
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Meet Our Team

SFL team of students and alumni working together

Students For Liberty’s success relies on its incredible team of students and alumni working together to advance the vision of a free academy and a free society. Check out the many individuals who help make Students For Liberty such a vibrant and active organization below.

The Board of Directors

Comprised of SFL’s co-founders and other trusted guardians, Students For Liberty’s Board of Directors oversees the organization’s long-term strategy and legal obligations.

The SFL Staff

Comprised of young professionals dedicating their careers to liberty, SFL’s staff oversees the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Adolfo Gonzales

EsLibertad Leadership Associate

Aleksandar Kokotović

Global Campaigns Director

Amelia Hamilton

Development Content Writer

André Freo

Brazilian Programs Director

Andrés Pino

Asia Pacific Programs Associate

Anel Ferić

Design Associate

Anja Baker

Donor Relations Officer

Ayemen Fatima

South Asia Programs Manager

Bernardo Vidigal

Education & Training Director/Learn Liberty Managing Director

Bruno Mafra Macedo

Video Production Manager

Cassiano Zanon

Video Production Associate

David Clement

Director of External Relations

David Gallegos

Eslibertad Events Associate

Deborah Bizarria

Brazilian Mentorship Associate

Elizabeth Hayes

Director of International Programs (Europe & North America)

Emma Balogh

Global Marketing Director

Eric Dacuma

Development Research Assistant

Eric Lumpkins

North American Programs Manager

Francesco Direnzo

Eslibertad Leadership Associate

Giulio Mazzanti

Website Associate

Ibrahim Anoba

AfricanLiberty.org Managing Editor

Irune Ariño

European Events Associate

Ivanildo Terceiro

Brazilian Communications Manager

Jan Škapa

Senior Director of Systems

Jessica Murphy

Foundations Officer

John Gray

Asia-Pacific Programs Associate

Josh Murdock

Director of Finance

Julia Kril

Email Marketing & PR Specialist

Julia Sondermann

Video Production Manager

Julio Clavijo

Data Analytics Director

Karina Menshikova

Website Associate

Kevin Coombes

European Programs Director

Kyle Walker

Senior Director of Programs

Lia Janelidze

European Programs Associate

Linda Kavuka

African Programs Director

Liza Katsiashvili

European Programs Manager

Luca Bertoletti

International Development Officer

Luka Kobalia

Video Marketer

Magnús Örn Gunnarsson

North American Programs Associate

Mariam Gogolishvili

Global Campaigns Associate

Michal Šindlář

Web & IT Director

Mike Avi

North American Recruiting Manager

Milica Kostic

Global Events Director

Nathaniel Baker

Director of North American Programs

Nazlıcan Kanmaz

Global Education and Training Manager

Nitsa Ioannides

Donor Relations Officer

Nycollas Liberato

Brazilian Programs Associate

Olufemi Ogunjobi

African Programs Associate

Olumayowa Okediran

Director of International Programs (Africa & Asia)

Oswaldo Silva Martinez

EsLibertad Leadership Programs Associate

Oya Flemr

Development Manager

Paige Farrell

Design Associate

Raissa Despindola

Brazilian Design Associate

Robyn Harberger

Senior Director of Communications

Themis Sakellariou

Marketing Assistant

Todor Papic

European Development Associate

Victoria Ramirez

EsLibertad Programs Director

Vladimir Verovchuk

Data Director

Yaël Ossowski

Senior Development Officer

Yusuf Mahmood

North American Programs Associate